Intelligent manufacturing to promote China's textile industry to high

Form:Hangzhou Yonxing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd Time:2019-04-22

In April the spring breeze is warm and the sunshine is warm. The awaken of spring is abundant, is a good time to outing spring outing, at this time of spring let us together into the spring, to enjoy the beauty of flowers contend in beauty, let's listen to the voice of the flower bloom and fade.

On April 21st, I part company worker took part in the organized by federation of trade unions guali town "grade xianghu lake, unlimited spring" in 2019 worker voyager outing activities. Through the spring outing activities, while enjoy the beautiful scenery, cultivate the quality of the staff fortitude, promote communication between the employees and create a harmonious team atmosphere of harmony governance, improve the quality of company, and to encourage employees to rustic, exciting role.